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Taking Care of Plants

Concierge Services for basic human needs

Offering a human approach to the tools and services necessary for a complete work/life balance, support with aging loved ones, and unconventional healing methods to handle an unconventional life.

A company offering resources to help with basic human necessities is often viewed as a new & progressive concept, but why? Human needs have been around as long as humans themselves. Why now, more than ever, is it important to take extra care of ourselves and our loved ones?

The answer is simple... We are learning, growing, and expanding as a society at a rapid rate. Today, fewer families live with multiple generations under one roof. This causes a gap in care for children as well as elderly adults, while simultaneously creating more work for more households... duplicating the same busy housework instead of spending that energy towards the greater good. Studies find more adults than ever are burned out from working multiple jobs to provide the bare minimum. Working 40+ hours a week for somebody else, just to come home and do it all again was not the life we were destined to live.


It is time to to regain control of your life & find your most authentic self!

-Red Morris

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Meet Red

Ind. Positive Life Coach, End of Life Coach, Office Manager/Optimizer Pro, & More

Some say "Jill of all Trades", but the modern day professional multi-tasker is known by an easy & improved name... a multi-professional!

Red spent six years working in Executive Level management before reaching corporate burnout at a young age. Having learned from her own mistakes, she has followed her passion for entrepreneurship, and is on a journey to help others avoid the same burnout.
She has dedicated her own professional endeavors to helping others in all aspects of life, and death. 

Serving the Mid-Michigan area in person, & available for virtual visits worldwide.

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What I Specialize In


Positive Life

End of Life

Unconventional Healing

Office Optimization

Being able to meet up with Red and have coffee like I'm talking with a friend, but leave with constructive feedback & goals makes me appreciative of coffee sessions.

-Nick, PL Coaching Client

- Olivia, EOL Coaching Client

When my Mother passed, Red took such a burden off of our shoulders. She afforded us the opportunity to spend time with my Mother worry free.

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5 Star Service

Red is always so positive, I have to keep her around! I know she is only a phone call away and will do anything to help. Taking me to the grocery store is the biggest help I could ask for.

-Loretta, Papa Pal

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